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Coaching of expats and immigrants

Expatriation and immigration from mother- to fatherland has positive and negative consequences. Obvious consequences are the results of encountering an unknown fatherland. Unknown fatherland matters are climate, landscape, mores, social and work environment but also individualism, sexual permissiveness and raising children. Less obvious consequences are missing one’s motherland, collectivism, missing family, lack of refueling (going back and forth to motherland), system of social connections and working habits. Expats and immigrants are balancing between father- and motherland, between adventure and unrootedness. If unrootedness maintains the result might be an expatriation or immigration trauma.

Expats & Immigrants B.V.

Expats and immigrants usually arrive in western super diverse cities. Super diversity implies that expats and immigrants combined are the majority in these cities, making the indigenous people the minority.

Super diversity has consequences for private life, work and leisure time of immigrants and expats. These super diverse western cities are in a continuous process of change because of mixing of old timers, newcomers and indigenous people. This change might result in either harmony and effectiveness or stress and (racial) conflicts. Expats and Immigrants B.V. aims for a tolerant and just world.



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