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Curriculum Vitae Carl Steinmetz

I feel responsible for a just and tolerant world.

A world where all human beings have equal access to excellent education, labor, wealth, religion and connectedness to mother and fatherland cultures but also cultures present available in one’s residence.

Personal data

Name Carl H.D. Steinmetz, Dr
Address KNSM-laan 50, 1019LL Amsterdam
Phone number work +3120 6240661
Mobile +31654213711
Date of birth 3 January 1951
Place of birth Medan (Indonesia)
Nationality Dutch
Marital status 4 children



University of Utrecht PHD in Clinical psychology: Victim Assistance for victims of serious crimes (1990)
University of Leiden Psychology, psychometrics and data theory (1968-1974)
High school Stanislas College Delft (1962-1968)


EMDR Therapist


MentaliserenDutch Psychoanalytic Institute


Salman AkhtarDutch Psychoanalytic Institute


Transactional Analyses 101



Prof. Dr. P.G. M. van der Heijden PhD, University Utrecht Social sciences (data theory)
Professor Dr. Maurice Crul Faculty of Social Science (Sociology of Education): Free University Amsterdam
Paul van Soomeren Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, Salford/ Greater Manchester UK and Founder of the DSP-group
Prof. Dr. Jan L.A. van Rijckevorsel PhD, University of Amsterdam Faculty of Economics (Insurance Statistics)

Additional functions

Foundation Patient and Justice Member (stakeholder Expats & Immigrant) (2013-present)
AKKROS Member of The Board (2006—2011)
World Society of Victimology Member
Society for Traumatic Stress Vice President 1987-1992
Euroactdisc Group Member of European disaster group 1987-1997
Socialist party Campaign leader Leiderdorp
Dutch Society for Criminology Chairman and secretary of the Board 1978-1984

Fluency in languages

Dutch Native
English Fluent
German Skilled
French Skilled
Bahassa Indonesia Less than basic


Recent work knowledge and expertise

Expats & Immigrants B.V. Director 2013-present
Core business/ Activities Coaching immigrants and expats
I-psy Amsterdam 2013-2014
Core business/ Activities Senior researcher and therapist (trans)cultural psychiatry and psychology
AllColour B.V.(In Dutch: AlleKleur) CEO 2007 – 2013
Core business/ activities
  1. Producing service and products based on (trans)cultural psychiatry and psychology.
  2. Repairing position of immigrant populations in the Netherlands (private and business) in the field of care, education, bi-culturalism and work
Foundation AllColour Care (In Dutch: AlleKleur Zorg) CEO 2008 – present
Core business/ activities Private ambulant psychiatric clinic for immigrants in the Netherlands
Foundation Youth in Charge (In Dutch: Jongeren aan Zet) CEO Director of the Board 2005 – present
Core business/ activities Youth emancipation: building sea container villages with a school, commercial firms, learning facilities, apartments for young people, leisure time and political functions, such as a mayor etc.
Steinmetz Consultancy BV Director 1992 – present
Core business/ activities Safety and security management, consultancy and training/ education:Safe schools and hospitals in the Netherlands and safety/ security certificateBuilding new neighborhood centers linked to central city functions like an airport, harbor, the ocean with educational functions, neighborhood networks and programs for neighbors

Work knowledge and expertise

Institute of Psycho trauma Director from 1987 to 1993
Core business/ activities Victim assistance and psychotherapyEducation and training (including a reward for the best education psychotrauma police films in 1992)ResearchCrisis and disaster management
British Columbia University Vancouver (Canada) Assistant Professor on comparative victimological research 1985-1987
Ministry of Internal affairs (= Home office), Ottawa, Canada Head of department of community prevention,1985-1987
Ministry of Justice The Hague, The Netherlands: Research and Documentation Centre Head and senior researcher, 1978-1985
Core business/ activities Victim surveysFounder of Dutch victim assistance schemesLegislation and public prosecutorsEconomic costs of crimeFounder of the opportunity theory
Bureau of Social Scientific Research University of Leiden 1974-1978 FounderResearch on stress factorsIllness patterns
University of Leiden, faculty of data theory 1972-1974 Education in methodology of the social sciencesStatistical packages of the social sciences (alternating least square programs, such as Homals, Canals etc.)