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Positions of Immigrants are at stake. In the Western world exclusion and discrimination are warp and weft. The effects can be seen even in the third generation, in particular in the labor force, educational system and bi-cultural imbedding.

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Most research about Expats is dedicated to financial and outgoing activities. The key issues like a job for the partner, raising kids and staying to the extended family are hardly recognized in research. In practice Expats will fail because of the lack of knowledge about their private life in a new fatherland but also because […]

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Story 7

After telling my Moroccan uncle about my experiences with discrimination and exclusion in the Netherlands, he explained me: ‘When I came to the Netherlands, we had a short broom to clean. Although you went to school you still have a long broom’.

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Story 1

A Turkish man has his yearly evaluation with a Consultancy Company. He is not allowed to become partner as a Turkish man.

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Story 2

Support is given to a Moroccan worker in a steel company by his fellow workers from Brazil and Suriname when his boss bullies him. Finally he was forced to leave this job.

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Story 3

An immigrant family is sending monthly €1.500,00 to their family in Afghanistan. They cannot afford this amount of money anymore in this crisis period. But their family in Afghanistan lives of this money.

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Story 4

An expat intended to stay in the Netherlands three years. She gets a child. On top of her head the question is: ‘should I bring her to an International school or a Dutch school’. She is afraid that the kid will become cheeky.

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Story 5

Boys of three immigrant family are arrested by the police. In this neighborhood three burglaries were committed. The children just left Luzac College.

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Story 6

An expat’s mother died in her homeland. He wants to go to the funeral. The company where he works refuses a leave for ten days. Only traveling is already 6 days.

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    From: A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story by Qais Akbar Omar